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Introducing the StreetFighter Power Flash new range of 4X4 turbo diesel tuning with our 3 Year Driveline Warranty.

StreetFighter utilises the very latest technology on the market for tuning all your 4X4 and SUV vehicles. We are able to reprogram the factory ECU on the majority of vehicles on the market.

Where possible this means no need for outdated chipping style methods.

This allows us to adjust the throttle and boost settings along with the torque and fuel management maps. As such we are able to optimise your vehicle performance setup above and beyond any chip style tuning available.

The vehicle's computer is perfectly adjusted to a higher level of power and torque by the same methods used by your vehicle's factory engineers. Properly!!

This means no messy engine check light problems or logging vehicle faults due to chipping problems.
Exhausts and Intercoolers

Incredible Performance Increases

From a StreetFighter Power Flash you can expect the following performance increases:
  • Improved Power 15-30%
  • Improved Torque 15-30%
  • mproved Fuel Economy up to 10%
All tuning is performed on a dyno by specialist technicians at a StreetFighter Workshop near you.

Customised to Australian Conditions

Unlike the mass import and local chipping products, this ensures all tuning is customised to Australian conditions, fuel and customer requirements. Before and after SF Power Flash tuning results are supplied with every tune.

Exhausts and Intercooling


To increase the performance of your 4WD turbo diesel further, ask your dealer for a StreetFighter exhaust or intercooler upgrade with your SF Power Flash Tune.

StreetFighter Specialist Workshops can supply and fit a higher performing package that includes an upgrade exhaust system, and more efficient intercooler.

This package is then able to be perfectly matched by StreetFighter customised tuning on dyno for the ultimate upgrade. All with the option of a 3 Year Driveline Warranty!

3 Year Driveline Warranty

Only StreetFighter Power Flash Tuning provides the peace of mind option of a 3 Year Driveline Warranty on every new or low kilometer vehicle upgrade tune.

This means that you can purchase a brand new Turbo Diesel from your dealer and have it delivered with a StreetFighter Power Flash upgrade. Ask us how.

StreetFighter. Nothing Comes Close!

Enquire Today

You can enquire by locating your nearest StreetFighter 4WD/SUV Flash Tuning workshop

Alternatively, you can call us on 08 82999 998 to talk to a member of our team for your tuning needs.

StreetFighter -- Nothing Comes Close! Enquire today. 

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